British monarchy hasn’t lived up to the title, “defender of Christian faith” – Bishop Josef Bassey

Bishop Josef Bassey

British monarchy hasn’t lived up to the title, “defender of Christian faith” – Bishop Josef Bassey

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Bishop of Calabar and Spiritual Leader of God’s Heritage Nation, Bishop Josef Bassey  has expressed reservations over the title of the Defender of the Christian Faith reserved for the British monarch, be it the Queen or the King.

Speaking during an interview with Sunday Nation in Calabar to herald his Birthday today, September 25th,  Bishop Bassey noted that the British monarchy has a very rich history and in that history there are a lot of things that are worthy of emulation, and other things that can help us reorganize our world.

However, one area which the late queen did not do well on is showing commitment to the value of the title of the defender of the Christian Faith.

“For me I think as we look at the times and life of late Queen Elizabeth ll, where I’ll like to zero in on  is the  title that the Queen or the monarch holds, which is the ‘defender of the faith ‘.”

“It became part of the British monachial system because the Pope had conferred that on the monarchy at that time during Henry Williams VIII regime, who later broke away to become the head of the church”.

“The question now will be, they brought us Christianity but then as a defender of the faith, there is a responsibility to protect and stand up for the value of the faith.” 

“I think that for me, that is one area that the reign of the Queen can be question and subject to critical analysis. Was she really the defender of the faith? Did she lived up to it? What steps did she take in her lifetime to protect the faith?. Because during her reign and under her watch you see churches in Britain become carcasses, taken over; we saw an uprising of other religions in the British empire. If you’re going to put that side by side with her office, then some questions should be answered.”

“Wherever they went, the went with the Bible and Christianity, If you don’t protect and defend what you brought to your colonies then it becomes suspicious, or were you just using it to have your way or you thought that religion could help you achieve this?”

He argued that he understands that what monarch do is take advantage of anything that will help them reign sovereign over their subject of their domain while also trying to expand their domain or their scope of influence, which is a kind of thing that has been with the British monachial system from inception. At one time we were all colonies of Britain but the salient things is that monachial system will take advantage of anything.”

He advised King Charcles lll to improve in that area during his reign but expressed but in his ability to do anything different.

His words, “I expect very little of the king, the Bible tells me that young men shall see vision, the old men shall dream dreams. So vision belongs to the young, it is when you’re young, energetic that you can think of conquering the world. When you get old you begin to think more of your ancestors and you begin to dream dreams. So I’m not expecting too much of radical shift from the King except that he may have wanted to do over time but since power was not in his hands so he could not and then of course a lot is changing around the world, so the level of respect the Queen had, I don’t see King Charles being able to have, I don’t even see him being long there, I’m speaking the prophetic instinct now because I think that in a few short year he’ll abdicate the throne and put somebody else there. We wish him well and pray that he use his reign to better a lot of humanity and help heal the world, the world is sick.”

Bishop Bassey

Speaking on his birthday, the Bishop said, “I normally have little or nothing to do with that but I am effectively carried along in all that is done. Every time it’s my birthday in the month of September, our sons and daughters around the world come together, actually they identify my passion, my Grace and take it upon themselves to carry out responsibility in that area as true sons and daughters of the prophet.”

“For this year they’re celebrating the Healing Messenger which has to do with a obsession of mind to see lives heal; to see people heal, to see the society heal, that’s the motivation behind our healing ministry, our crusade, our outreaches. The world is sick; it means things are not working right, there’s so much pain everywhere you turn.”

“So I totally agree with what they are doing, talk about heal the world. Heal the world is a campaign that puts the responsibility on everyone to see or do something to relieve his or her immediate world of pain, to make things right, to correct abnormalis, to make things easier for someone else no matter how small, this is something anyone can do even a child, there’s  something you can do as a child that can make the world comfortable for the people around you. If every one of us does that and begin to think from that perspective, not becoming blind to what is going on in the lives of others but becoming selfless and beginning to think of how you can wipe away tears from someone eyes, then the world will become better.”

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