APC Legacy Group request more political inclusion of her members

Picture: A Cross section of APC Legacy group members in Cross River State during a Press Conference in Calabar on Friday.

APC Legacy Group request more political inclusion of her members

By Joseph Ephraim

The All Progressives Congress Legacy Group (APC-LG) in Cross River State have urged the newly elected political Leaders to include them in the yet-to-be formed cabinet.

They pleaded with the elected leaders across the State and the National level to consider the contributions and support given by the APC legacy group in Cross River State during the 2023 elections by rewarding its members with appointments.

The group which is made up of the original and founding members of the APC frowned at the way its members were marginalized in the past administration, stressing that none were given Senatorial and House of representatives tickets but for only two of its members who won the House of Assembly seats in Calabar South Constituencies.

Addressing reporters in Calabar, the groups’ State Chairman, Barr Eyo Nsa Ekpo said others who migrated into the party from other political parties hijacked all the appointments and left Legacy Group members in isolation.

According to him, “This press conference becomes necessary because of the insinuations making the round in the public domain particularly among the political class that the APC Legacy Group is a divisive tendency within the All Progressives Congress in Cross River State.

“The APC Legacy Group is made up of the original and founding members of the APC in Cross River State.

We are those who came together from ANPP, ACN and CPC in 2013 to birth the new progressive force and we delivered for the first time in Nigerian history the progressive president in the person of General Muhammadu Buhari.”

“We worked hard to win election for APC in 2023 and APC Legacy Group is entitled to a reward that rise from the victory of APC in the 2023 election.”

He added, “We are aware that the wrong and deceitful narrative that is being sewed against the Legacy Group is done so by power mongers who had being in the corridors of powers in Cross River State jumping from one party to the other, all in the name of stomach infrastructure.

“They believe that it is their right to continue to enjoy the benefits of political office. The APC Legacy Group is not only a support group, we are a political pressure group and the interest of every member of the APC Legacy Group is sacrosanct, benefits must be accrued as a consequence of our victory in 2023 election. We work auspiciously for all our candidates even when we were treated with scorn by those who migrated to opposition party in 2021.

Eyo called on the leadership of APC in Cross River State and the stakeholders of APC nationwide to disregard the deceitful and mischievous narrative being sewed about the Legacy Group and reiterated that the group is one hundred percent loyal and committed to the progress of APC in Cross River State.

Also speaking, the State Publicity Secretary of the APC Legacy Group in the State, Elder Iso Bassey Edim stated that it is a wrong notion for anyone to think that the Legacy Group who built the party will be the ones to fight against the same house they built.

“We went out to work rigorously to ensure that APC wins from top to button, so it’s expected that those who worked should be carried along. The reward for hard work is more work, so when we are carried along, in subsequent elections we will work more harder to ensure that APC continue to be victorious.

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