Essien Ayi’s supporters storm his private residence; insist he discloses his 2023 ambition

Essien Ayi’s supporters storm his private residence; insist he discloses his 2023 ambition
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Supporters of Hon. Essien Ekpeyong Ayi representing Akpabuyo, Bakassi and Calabar South Federal Constituency in the National Assembly at the weekend stormed his private residence in Calabar and insisted he addresses them and disclose what his political ambition is with regards to the 2023 general election.
Ayi who is presently serving his fifth term in the House of representative, being there since 2003 when he was first voted into the green chambers was asked if he is going for a sixth term? Contesting for Senate seat or for Governorship seat in the state?
Before he responded, several of his supporters from various political wards within his federal constituency spoke giving reasons why they want him to disclose his aspiration. Most of them requested that he should contest for the Senate seat in 2023 while others called on him to contest for governorship seat of the state.
They also noted that many aspirants have been knocking on their doors but they have to know his position as their “ tested and trusted leader before they make up their mind on anyone.”

Rt. Hon. Apostle Essien Ayi

Organizer of the supporters who visited the reps member in his residence, Esu Baasey Ita noted that the supporters need to have a direction to know his interest because they want him to remain in the political system to continue his good works of empowerment, economic assistance and attracting projects to their constituency among numerous other things that is peculiar to him.
Responding, Hon. Ayi, thanked them for the show of love and support over the years.
He assured them that he will soon disclose the position he will contest in the 2023 election but they should be rest assured that he will contest in the 2023 elections.
He told them to note that the Peoples Democratic Party which they all belong is now an opposition party in the state after the decamping of the state governor to the All Progressive Congress.
He said now, “if you want to contest election today, you first have to look at your finances; particularly now that our party is in the opposition. Before, when the PDP was the ruling party, when you succeed to get yourself out in the party primaries, the party and the state will take over and contribute finances to your election, now as an opposition you have to fund yourself from primaries to the elections. So you just have to look at your finances and decide what it can do. I will not say I want to go for governorship and midway I crash out. Or that I want to g for Senate and midway I crash out. So I want to look at my finances, where it can take me is where I will go.”
He said, “Looking at the 2023 elections, I can tell you that Cross River State remains a PDP state despite that the PDP is now the opposition party. There is no way the APC can upstage PDP in Cross River State.”
He assured his supporters that the election is going to be transmitted electronically from the polling unit. Immediately you finished from the polling booth, it is transmitted. So it will checkmate a lot of things, particularly as it concerns rigging.
Speaking further Hon Ayi argued that ,”when you are in the opposition as a party, you have put out your best. You go with a popular and acceptable candidate. If the party did not put a popular candidate in the Akpabuyo state constituency by-election, perhaps APC would have won.
According to him, “PDP won the by elections both in Akpabuyo and the one for Ogoja/Yala federal constituency which APC was declared winner. We will prove in court that PDP won because the capturing machine will show the manipulations and the differences.”
“So you have to use a candidate that is well known. Who carries people along. Who is tested trusted and proven to be able to march the contest? The choice of candidate determines if the will be trouble or you will record a victory that is a walkover.”

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