“Politicians should stop lying; don’t play with intelligence of electorate” – Bishop Isong

Bishop Emma Isong

Politicians should stop lying, don’t play with intelligence of electorate – Bishop Isong

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The General Overseer of the Christian Central Chapel International, Bishop Emmah Isong has advised politicians, as they embark on their campaigns ahead of the 2023 general elections to stop lying and playing with the intelligence of the electorate and that of Nigerians as a whole.

He made this known on Wednesday at a public lecture which had as theme: “They Desire A Better Country”.
The Public Lecture was the 8th edition in his honour, held annually to mark his birthday. Tagged, “8th Bishop Emmah Gospel Isong public lecture.

Taking interviews from journalists, Bishop Isong sited some portions in the Bible, particularly from Hebrews 11:16 saying that the people, desire a better nation indeed.

“We desire a better country, politicians should stop lying to us and playing with our intelligence.

He also called the electorate to caution saying but in the other hand I blame the Nigerian voters because the politicians are just below 5% of the population.

He advised that the voters should aquient themselves with the new electoral law.
“We should see what we can do for ourselves and stop blaming the politicians, we can pull ourselves out of this dungeon”, Bishop Isong said.

Adding that we should drop tribe, religion, nomenclatures and bring a candidate in 2023 that will bring us out of our sorry state.

He charged the electoral body, INEC not to bow to any pressure but should ensue the use of BVAS for the next general elections.

INEC should not change the goal post right now by not using the BVAS because it will anger people. Adding that there are suspicions and allegations that the expected use of BVAS machines may be dropped.

“Please never try to change the goal post because it will anger people who are already in suspicion”, he said.

The Guest lecturer of the Lecture, Rev. Emmanuel Idu, said it’s in order to desire a better nation.

He cited the biblical Nimrod in Genesis who wanted to achieve more than the average person and worked on the development of his skills which was hunting.

“He set the standard for hunting and held the record because he made a conscious decision to be better.

“He decided to excel in what he did and became the yardstick to measure how other hunters were doing”.

He also cited the biblical Cyrus who was a king who believed in human freedom, the desire to do good and be loved by his people.

He said Cyrus desire to study people and ensure they were ok came to the creation of the Cyrus Cylinder which is today the Universal Human Rights.

He argued that every leader should realise that he is there by divine providence, recognise the higher power and always realise that they are working for the people and not the people working for them.

“The fear of the Lord prevents leaders from pushing the people’s back against the wall.

“Every leader should realise they are working for the people and not the people working for them.

“When leaders don’t give people a sense of belonging they desire a better country.

“The future of this country will be determined by how leaders make people believe they have a sense of belonging.

“When you face a revolution, you will realise that the real power belongs to the people.

“It is important to hear from the people and hear them on time because force has expiry dates”, the guest lecturer said.

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