Zoning is important but winning back power should be more paramount for PDP –Jedy-Agba

Zoning is important but winning back power should be more paramount for PDP –Jedy-Agba

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Aspirant for the Obudu, Obanliku and Bekwara Federal Constituency seat of Cross River State in the National Assembly, Mr. Kjay Jedy-Agba has joined the school of thoughts arguing that zoning remains an important factor in Nigeria politics but for the People Democratic Party which he is a member, what is equally important is fielding the best candidate in all positions to win back government control in 2023.

Speaking in an interview with the our correspondent, Jedy-Agba who had once served as Chairman, Cross River State New Cities Development Commission, said the question on zoning has become sensitive “but I can assure you that it is not an individual decision to make. I am very certain that at the appropriate time stakeholders would sit down with the leadership of our great party, the PDP and the right decision would be taken that would serve the interest of all party men and women.”

He added that by his personal opinion, “what should preoccupy the minds of every loyal member of my party at this moment is how we can take back our mandate from the ruling All Progressives Congress.

He accepted that zoning is a good approach to address certain concerns, especially as it bothers on marginalization. We come from a multi-ethnic society where minorities would legitimately feel marginalized. So I believe that the principle of zoning should ordinarily come handy to address such agitations when it arises.

“However, zoning most often comes with its drawback. Many have argued that zoning has the ugly potential to breed mediocrity and i agree with them entirely, most essentially when you juxtapose it with the yearnings of the generality of society and their desires for accelerated growth, you would begin to see the need to put square pegs in square holes”.

On his aspiration, he said “I am sufficiently ready and prepared. I have been on this for quite sometime, working behind the scene and i can tell you for free that i am ready. I am not one known for doing things haphazardly, so i won’t come before my constituents if I’m not prepared for them to send me on this all important assignment.”

“It takes a man who feels the pulse of his people to work to attract these basic necessities to his people. And these are the basic things of life, water, electricity, good roads and easy access to farmlands and other points of raw materials. For our people to function optimally these necessary things should be available to them. It is indeed that level of effective representation that I seek to bring to our people in Obudu, Obanliku and Bekwarra Federal Constituency.”

He spoke also of his agenda, saying, “My agenda is simple. To work with members of my constituents, get their mandate to represent them at the Green Chamber and by so doing afford them the opportunity to enjoy effective representation that has so far eluded them year in, year out.”

More so, “I pledged an effective and transparent administration where accountability is a norm. To make myself and office accessible to people. First by creating constituency offices at the domain of my constituents to get feedback on their needs and challenges. They could also visit the national office through some of their senior leaders.”

He also pledged “a periodic town hall meetings for the purpose of accountability and evaluation of my administration performance. It also enables my office to feel the pain and joy of my people at the level they are, and identify their critical needs.”

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