Bishop Bassey narrates marriage journey, debunks blackmail of two wives

Bishop Bassey narrates marriage journey, debunks blackmail of two wives

“…says first marriage was formally dissolved”
“… former wife rejected reconciliation”
“…he remarried after six years of pains, loneliness and struggles”

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The story of marriages in many homes, come in different shapes, turns and experiences. This statement captures the situation which has led a Calabar based and renowned preacher, Bishop Josef Bassey to take a decision which according to him has now been twisted and misrepresented by many in the social media space.

In a statement issued yesterday in Calabar on his behalf by the Secretary of his church, God’s Heritage Center, Barr. Melody Irem, he said it was expedient that he set the records straight against the malicious lies presented to attack the hard earned reputation of the Bishop.

According to him, “the first marriage of our man of God ended since October, 2016 after the former wife abandoned the marriage.

“That all attempts at mediation and reconciliation through different authorities and persons within and outside the church were rebuffed by her, including those by some of the most highly respected spiritual fathers in the nation and beyond.”

He explained that consequent upon the failed reconciliation, in keeping with native laws and customs, a date was fixed and her family, the family of our man of God and representatives of the church met and formally dissolved the union thereby officially setting both parties free from the marriage covenant.

He further disclosed that “the spiritual fathers and church authorities acting through the Pentecostal college of Bishops, in the light of these developments, and in consideration of other facts unfit and unedifying for public consumption, formally dissolved and nullified the marriage, thereby releasing God’s servant to re-marry if he chose to.

He maintained that “after six years of dealing with the better imagined than told personal devastations, pains, loneliness, struggles and evil consequences of the actions of his one-time wife, God’s servant, leveraging on wise counsel and divine guidance decided it was time to quit singlehood and give the past a final closure in the best interest of his life, destiny, family and the kingdom.

The fact is that Bishop Josef Bassey got married gloriously, honorably and enviably on Wednesday, 24th August 2022 in highly celebrated traditional marriage that was witnessed by the church, families, friends, neighbors etc.

“God’s servant today, after six years of undesired singlehood, has only one wife. And ONE WIFE only. All suggestions or insinuations to the contrary are lies, evil, deceitful, in bad taste and the handiwork of wicked people.

Barr. Irem said in the statement that “Interestingly, we know the perpetuators of this evil campaign. They are the same agents of hell whose attempts in the past years to bring God’s servant down or frustrate the work of God failed woefully.”

He urged that they refrained from evil path and chat a good course that pleases God.

His words, “We therefore call on the Christian community and men of good conscience to ignore the lies, fabrications and misrepresentations as they are intended to hurt the body of Christ and bring the name of our Lord into disrepute, even as we continue in our fight against our common enemy.”

Adding, “It might be necessary to note that the one-time wife of our man of God had since 2016 moved on, reverted to her maiden name as Grace Henshaw and is living her life and doing whatsoever she pleases, where and when she pleases and how she pleases. And rightly so.”

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